Our Mission

Silicon Climate's mission is to "hack" our way to a sustainable future via entrepreneurship and innovation. We’re not alarmists, we’re pragmatists. We (like the greater science community) understand that climate change is an existential threat to humanity—and that we can actually do something about it.

We believe that entrepreneurs, to whom the world looks for leadership in innovation, are the change agents central to creating the future we want. By surrounding them with tech and business experts eager to help, we can change the energy and economic system that's resulted in an underwhelming response and unleash the innovations needed to stabilize, and even draw down, atmospheric CO2. 

Our Team

Andrea Skinner

Silicon Climate

Executive Director

Renee Shade

Silicon Climate

Marketing Director



Zabrina Law

Silicon Climate

Ops Director

Jonathan Wagner

Silicon Climate

Events Coordinator

David Selinger

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor & Philanthropist


Ryan Bermudez

Startup Veteran Specializing in Biz Dev & Product Marketing


Sundeep Ahuja

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Investor & Author


Ameen Saafir

Mobile Entrepreneur & Retail Personalization Expert


Aswan Morgan

Mobile Entrepreneur & Retail Personalization Expert