Andrea Skinner to Grow Accelerator Program for Entrepreneurs Developing Climate Change Solutions

October 31, 2016 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA) — Today, the Board of Directors of Silicon Climate announces Andrea Skinner as their first Executive Director to scale and grow their targeted accelerator program. This new role will advance Silicon Climate’s mission to drive climate change solutions by harnessing Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurship and innovation by providing resources and tailored mentorship.

From Silicon Climate’s board chair and co-founder, David Selinger:

"We couldn’t be more excited to invite Andrea to lead us into our next stage of growth. The Silicon Climate team has spent the past two years preparing for this moment by testing the fundamental hypothesis that Silicon Valley’s culture of disruptive innovation can be applied to the problem of climate change.

Silicon Climate has developed an underlying theory of change with the first two cohorts of companies, an approach Andrea supports and embodies. We’ve seen that entrepreneurial technology companies can have an outsized impact on the problem of climate change, and that the Silicon Valley model of technology-first disruption, mentorship and creative capital can play a pivotal role in combatting an environmental change that threatens the way of life of all human beings. Andrea’s experience in driving programs as well as her unwavering commitment to our mission will help us standardize our programs and increase our impact." 

From Andrea about her vision for Silicon Climate:

"Climate change is the biggest social issue of our time and the time to act is now. In fact, we needed solutions yesterday. I believe that working solutions will be multifaceted and holistic, and I have joined Silicon Climate because I view their approach as a key component missing from today’s fight.

Silicon Climate has identified a large gap in Silicon Valley: many mission-driven founders operate in silos without access to the critical resources such as capital, network or expertise required to take their massively important innovations to scale. Silicon Climate has developed an accelerator program to connect these founders and deliver services such as team development, fundraising, financial modeling, and supporting go-to-market strategies. With its third cohort already underway, the organization’s mentorship model has proven that a tailored approach tackling the most pressing issue for each of its entrepreneurs can be game changing.

I believe in the power of conversation, connection, and community. I see Silicon Climate as poised to support a generation of entrepreneurs working to address the climate crisis by doing what the Valley does best: dismantling funding and resource obstacles, sharing resources as a robust community, and building a brighter and better-connected future. The Valley’s entrepreneurial spirit of “failing fast” and its blatant disregard for yesterday’s impossibilities can unlock the potential for real solutions.

In the next year, we will focus on expanding our accelerator program, one that we believe will be to technology companies with climate impact what Y-Combinator has been to start ups in general. While the accelerator will be our foundation, in the years to come we will build out mechanisms and infrastructure to activate minds and orient people around the climate problem and opportunity. Will you join us?"

Contact Andrea Skinner to learn more about how Silicon Climate is building a robust ecosystem around climate change innovationand how you can help!

About Andrea:

A lifelong environmental and social justice advocate, Andrea Skinner brings a multifaceted management background to Silicon Climate including on-the-ground project implementation, data and policy analysis, strategy development, and operations management. Prior to joining Silicon Climate, she was the Executive Programs Manager at Rainforest Action Network, an organization fighting climate change with hard-hitting and direct environmental campaigns. Previously, Andrea saw the direct effects of climate change on vulnerable populations when she worked with BGET and The Mae Fah Luang Foundation building and managing sustainable energy and development projects in rural Thailand. Andrea received a Masters of Public Administration from Columbia University, specializing in Environmental Science and Policy. At Tides, an incubator, she provided capacity building services to over forty environmental and health-related organizations.

About Silicon Climate:

Mission: Silicon Climate is a non-profit working to accelerate innovation at the intersection of Silicon Valley and climate change. Our mission is to connect scientists, entrepreneurs, investors, non-profits and government agencies in a highly functioning ecosystem in order to advance the innovations required to build a sustainable future.

Silicon Climate was founded in 2014—not by a group of climate change experts but by concerned citizens wanting to secure the survival of future generations. In discussing the crisis with peers and luminaries in Silicon Valley, it was quickly realized that climate change is such a broad issue that individuals with the resources to help are oftentimes too paralyzed to take action. It was then that the idea of Silicon Climate was born—to achieve adaptation and sustainability by connecting Silicon Valley's wealth of resources to climate change innovators.