The election is over...

And as the reality of this new presidency sets in, many of us are processing what it means for our families, our communities, and frankly, our humanity. We’re worried. We feel unsafe. And while the threats to social welfare cut deep, the probable implications for our environment are nothing short of catastrophic.

The facts:

And more.

In what was already an uphill battle, we’re less than two months away from losing our biggest political champion. According to the the United Nation Environmental Programme’s Executive Director Erik Solheim, even the Paris Agreement isn't enough:

...[the Paris Agreement is] still not good enough if we are to stand a chance of avoiding serious climate change. If we don’t start taking additional action now, we will grieve over the avoidable human tragedy. The growing numbers of climate refugees hit by hunger, poverty, illness and conflict will be a constant reminder of our failure to deliver. The science shows that we need to move much faster.
— Erik Solheim

At Silicon Climate, we reject this catastrophic future. Instead, we come with an answer to the scores of investors, entrepreneurs and innovators earnestly asking “what can we do now!?!?”

Our answer: stop asking and start doing what you're already great at. Disrupt. Innovate. Invest in change. Entrepreneurs, to whom the world looks for leadership in innovation, are the change agents to create the future we want. We can change the energy and economic system that is forcing us down a climate change spiral. We see that entrepreneurs, passionate about the new technologies they're designing, do not need wait for political support and accommodating legislation before disrupting their way to success. Elon Musk didn't ask for permission to build the most disruptive car company in a century. He did it. That is precisely the opportunity before us.

Instead of catastrophe, envision with us a tomorrow in which we create the bottoms-up, unapologetic disruption that unleashes the innovations needed to stabilize and draw down atmospheric CO2. With limited runway to combat this urgent threat, we must adopt Silicon Valley’s fast and furious model and hack our way towards a sustainable future.

For Silicon Climate, this election is a forcing function for us to double-down. We've already seen the initial of success of this disruptive model in our cohort companies. So now it is time for us to work longer and harder to propel forward Silicon Valley’s biggest change-makerscompanies like Rainforest Connection, which protects rainforests that keep carbon out of our atmosphere, or Opus 12 which is developing revolutionary technology to recycle CO2 emissions into globally cost-disruptive fuels and useful chemicals.

And here’s the good news—you too can be a part of this solution. Actions you can take right now:

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We cannot count on Washington to lead the way. Technological innovation is now our best chance at mitigating the impending climate crisis—and we in Silicon Valley, in partnership with the broader climate community and you, must be the daring driver of this change.